The doors of St Michael’s church, like the arms of Jesus Christ, are wide open to all.

You are welcome here whether you are rich or poor, young or old, well or unwell, male, female or somewhere between, able bodied or less so, clever or daft, from any place and speaking any language, whatever you look like or whatever the colour your skin, straight or gay, educated or illiterate, trans or anywhere on the rainbow, fully believing or looking for some meaning to life.

If you are lonely or frightened, or sorry, or grieving or happy and full of energy and ready to get working for God’s kingdom, then there is a place for you here.

You will be welcome if you are looking for God, desiring to worship or just wanting to ask questions (although we may not have all the answers!).

You are all invited. St Michael’s is a fully inclusive community where everyone is valued as a person who belongs to God.

Find out more about who’s who at St Michael’s, and see our photo gallery.