I am an artist who works both in paint and ceramics exhibiting both in galleries and through artists groups. My paintings incorporate my main passions which are the personal space of gardens, nature and the wider landscape and my interest and curiosity about people and their emotions. My ‘Positive Emotions’ series is an exploration of affirmative and optimistic feelings. Paintings which suggest elements of pleasure, awe and wonder and creating a painterly ‘world’ of hope.  Both these avenues although quite abstract in thought and practice I think are reflected in the ceramic figures. They too reflect a positive nature and an affirmation of life. A cheeky and slightly sassy enjoyment, a quiet prayer or wish, hope and pleasure.

I create ceramic figure sculptures inspired by ordinary and everyday little moments.  Each figure has its own quiet character, identity and personality. Often thoughtful, spiritual or just reflecting on a moment in life. My naked women are standing proud and quietly confident.  Made self-possessed and sure from their experiences in life. Their bodies are being celebrated. They calmly and solidly stand on a pedestal wearing in some cases a golden crown. Figures are hand sculpted in clay and then coloured with underglaze, which is layered and textured, often using textural material such as torn card or linocuts to create pattern and texture on the surface.

To inquire about or purchase any of these works, please contact Penny directly at pennymetcalfe@gmail.com. To view more of Penny’s work, visit pennymetcalfe.co.uk.


Hopeful. Acrylic on paper. Framed 76cm x 61cm. £310. Sold
Hopeful in situ.
Growing Happily. Acrylic on deep canvas. 1m x 1m x 4cm. £700.
Growing Happily in situ.
There are no Wrong Turnings (in situ). Acrylic paint on canvas. Framed 34cm x 34cm. Unframed 30cm x 30cm. £105.
Evening Walk. Acrylic on paper. Unframed 30cm x 30cm. Framed 50cm x 50cm. £240.
Evening Walk in situ.
Calm Breath. Acrylic paint on deep canvas. 1m x 1m x 4cm. £700.
Calm Breath in situ.
Searching for the Right Path. Acrylic paint on canvas. Unframed 30cm x 30cm. Framed 34cm x 34 cm. £165.
Flights of Fancy. Acrylic paint on paper. Unframed 41cm x 58cm. Framed 60cm x 85cm. £310.
Flights of Fancy in situ.
Seams of Hopefulness. Acrylic paint on deep canvas. 1m x 1m x 4cm. £700.
Seams of Hopefulness in situ.


Angel. Ceramic. 30cm high. £240.
Grace and Devotion. Ceramic. 28cm high. £220.
Grace and Devotion, close up of face.
Heart on Your Sleeve. Ceramic. 27cm high. £240.
Heart on Your Sleeve, close up of face.
Queen Bee (front). Ceramic. 35cm high. £240.
Queen Bee (back).
Loving Life. Ceramic. 32 cm high. £240.
Queen of Hearts. Ceramic. 30cm high. £195.
Loveliness. Ceramic. 30cm. £195.
Love You Listening. Ceramic. 27cm high. £240.

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