Cam Crosland is a self-taught photographer based in Woking, who became hooked on Street Photography in 2010 and is in it for the long haul.

Cam is inspired by whatever experiences life brings, whether joy and beauty, or vulnerability, pain and loss. They seek to capture the intensity and complexity of their individual experience, and the powerful emotions which are central to it. Cam’s work has been described as exploratory, introspective, poetic and powerful.

Cam has shown work in a joint exhibition “Chinese Whispers” in Surrey, and in group exhibitions in London, Belgium, Poland, Italy and Germany.

Cam has produced the following publications: “Mind Games” – a book of psychological self-portraits. “Playing With Perception” – a black & white softback book combining street photography with self-portraiture. “Fishing With Dynamite” – an ongoing series of flash photography zines.

 The individual pieces are untitled. The overall title for the series is “London”.

All images are available as archival quality C-type prints on lustre paper, presented with a white border.

10”x8” print: £70 + P&P

16”x12” print: £110 + P&P

If you would like to purchase any prints or have any further questions, please contact Cam directly by email at

Cam Crosland 1.
Cam Crosland 2.
Cam Crosland 3.
Cam Crosland 4.
Cam Crosland 5.
Cam Crosland 6.
Cam Crosland 7.
Cam Crosland 8.
Cam Crosland 9.
Cam Crosland 10.
Cam Crosland 11.
Cam Crosland 12.
Cam Crosland 13.
Cam Crosland 14.

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