I am a ceramicist and mixed-media artist living in London, influenced by the playfulness and energy of the cultures of South Africa & New Zealand where I grew up. My practice as an artist is a route to uncovering the creative voice that feels true to me. In some senses, my art is my prayer, a way to find out more of who I am, and more of who God is. I am also a psychotherapist and spiritual director, and I find a great interplay between these and my art. They all value careful attentiveness and commitment, playfulness, and creativity: a contemplative approach to life. 

The ceramics for sale here include both functional and sculptural forms, thrown and hand built, in various types of high-fired stoneware. This means they are oven, microwave, dishwasher and frost proof.

Please contact me at annette.africankiwi@hotmail.com to purchase any of these items. I will discuss delivery or postage with you, and add postage costs if required. I am delighted to partner with St Michale’s Sheerwater in this venture, and half of all purchase prices will be donated to their fundraiser. 

You can find out more about me at annette-kaye.com and follow me on Instagram (@annette_kaye_ceramics) or Facebook (Annette Kaye, Ceramicist)


Christmas decorations, porcelain.
Single £7, Double £12 each
Mugs, stoneware, thrown, approxH10xW9cm.  
£45 each, please indicate which one you’d like.
Teardrop pots
I make these small bottles in response to the story of the woman with the alabaster jar in the Gospels, and to this verse in the Psalms: “You have stored my tears in your bottle and counted each one of them” Psalm 56:8. Each comes with a card with that verse on.
Teardrop bottles, stoneware, thrown, Matt glaze.W8-10xH10-12cm.  £40
Teardrop bottles, stoneware, thrown, celadon glaze W8xH10-12cm.  £50
Teardrop bottles, stoneware, thrown, copper carbonate decoration.W10xH10-14cm £60
Pots, stoneware, thrown.
Top left W16xH12 £75 ; Top right W17xH11
Bottom left W13xH10   Bottom right w17xh13
Candlestick, stoneware, thrown & assembled, W12-15xH29-34cm £120 each
Large pot, white stoneware, thrown, W20xH22cm £190
Large platter, grogged stoneware, hand-built W45xH15cm £400
Pot, grogged stoneware, hand-built approx H50xW20cm £400