Link through to Sharepoint/Office365 area(s) for shared or public documents.

This page can be easily password-protected using WordPress, to provide basic security or a deterrent to the casual viewer: one password that you’d share with your membership.

A good possible way to organise this page would be to have a list of individual links here, each to a specific folder in Sharepoint/Office365. For example, you might have a folder for PCC/ECC meeting minutes: you’d have a fixed link to that folder on this page, and you’d manage your documents in the folder without any need for further editing on the website. You could use a (bulleted) List item on this page to set up an intuitive hierarchy for the links:

For greater security, you might use Microsoft’s own security from Sharepoint: with Sharepoint, you can specify (by email address) who can see which folders/documents. See See also: