When using the church par park:

  • Parking is permitted on the tarmac area only: we have a number of mature trees with TPOs and wish to protect their roots.
  • Please do not park in the disabled bays without a valid badge.
  • Please keep access free around the Church entrance for emergency services.
  • Please do not assume the car park is always available.

Parking for services and other community events

We encourage church members to walk, cycle or use public transport but we do have a car park for visitors, which includes two bays for those who are registered disabled.

Parking at other times

When the car park is not being used for church and community events, we are happy for local people to apply to use our car park, though we do need to know who is parked in our car park at all times, and we do need contact details so that we can let you know when we have a big event/service which might mean the car park isn’t available.

Therefore we are issuing a limited number of permits to local members of the community who wish to use the car park. To request a permit, please complete the form on this page. Parking is at the discretion of the church council and a permit must be displayed. Permits will be renewed on an annual basis.

Application for a parking permit:

Please provide your postal address
Please let us know why you wish to use our car park